Our hairy protagonist Sasha begins life starving and homeless. Plagued by hunger, she dreams of a different life filled with a never ending supply of bones. On a chance meeting in a dingy alleyway, Sasha encounters the Baron, a small-time local drug dealer. Impressed by her pick-pocketing abilities, and ever the entrepreneur, he offers Sasha a job working for him as a delivery dog in exchange for access to all the bones she could ever want. Sasha gladly accepts, and follows him home.

Unexpectedly successful at her new job, Sasha is soon showered with rewards. Although she suspects they may come from a sinister source, she pushes her concerns aside and is quickly promoted to carrying out the biggest delivery job of them all. But when she is distracted by the alluring scent of a gigantic ham hock whilst on the mission, she begins to wonder whether she can commit to working for the Baron after all. As things take a sinister turn, Sasha is drawn into a conflict that she must win, or risk losing her bones, and her life.