About the Film

BONE is a dark comedic drama. Perfect for animal-lovers and the young and old alike, it is an original take on  the well-worn, well-loved story of the victorious underdog, taken more literally than most. 

Self-funded by newbie writer/director and producer Erica Sweeney, the project was completely inspired by Sasha the dog. Championing creativity and expression on a low budget, thanks to an exceptionally talented and hardworking team who are largely at the start of their careers, the result has exceeded expectations, producing a beautifully shot, fictional take on what are essentially quite serious themes.


Year 2019

Country: UK

Writer/Director/Producer: Erica Sweeney

DoP: George O’Reilly

Editor: Tine Lykke Jensen

Featuring: Sasha, Stephen Sheridan, Kyle Miley & Rene Costa

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